General advertising requirements

General advertising requirements The advertising content shall not contradict Federal Law #38-FZ ‘On Advertising’ of March 13, 2006. Improper advertising, i.e. unfair and unreliable is prohibited. Production, placement and distribution of advertising shall comply with legislative requirements on national language of Russian Federation. Advertisement wording shall follow the grammar rules of the Russian language, i.e. it shall be free of any orthographic, punctuation and stylistic errors, or otherwise the editor reserves the right to proofread it. Advertising containing slang/informal words and expressions, obscene and offensive images and comparisons including those related to sex, race, nationality, profession, social category, age, language of person and citizen, official state symbols (flags, emblem, anthem), religious symbols, objects of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture) that belong to the people of Russian Federation as well as the items of cultural heritage included into the List of World Heritage shall be prohibited. Acronyms shall not be excessive used. Acronyms shall not be ambiguous in meaning or uneasy on the eye. Following advertising is prohibited: goods that are prohibited to be produced and (or) sold in Russian Federation; narcotic and psychotropic substances and their precursors; explosive substances and materials excluding pyrotechnical products; human organs or embryo tissues for purchase and sale; goods that are a subject to state registration without this registration; goods that are a subject to mandatory certification or any other confirmation of their compliance to the requirements of technical regulations in case of absence of this certification or confirmation of this compliance; goods which production and (or) realization requires licenses or other special requests failing these requests. No advertising materials shall be placed if they contain advance payment requests as well as requests for cash posting, either on COD terms or in a sealed envelope, or for posting other materials enclosed in an envelope. Advertisement texts shall begin with reference to a particular service or product advertised. If the advertiser’s activities is a subject to licensing (Federal law #128 – FZ ‘ON LICENSING OF CERTAIN TYPE OF ACTIVITY’ of August 8, 2001), advertising of these products (works, services) is accepted for publication and distribution only on the condition of providing the editor (either directly or through an advertising agency) with duly executed copies of licenses, certificates and state registration documents as appropriate. Mention of license number and authority that issued the license or indicating subject to obligatory certification is not compulsory. The editor reserves the right to place advertisements and announcements under appropriate headings as deemed fit. The advertiser shall provide the distributor of advertising documentary proved information that advertising meets the requirements of Federal Law ‘ON ADVERTISING’ including information about availability of license, obligatory certification and state registration. All claims with regard to release of information and advertising materials shall be accepted within the two weeks following such release. The claims with regard to the module shall not be accepted if the image’s small elements or print are composed of two or more colors or printed in reverse lettering in a background of two and more colors. The editorial staff reserves a right to refuse placing the advertising if the reputation and (or) quality of the advertised subject (organization, product, works, services, etc.) are called into question in official periodical mass media of government authorities or there are any other doubts in conscientiousness of advertising or credibility of information contained in advertisement including the cases of complaints from citizens and (or) organizations about the advertised subject sent to the editor. Тема:

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