Requirements to the content and design of advertising of alcohol

Requirements to the content and design of advertising of alcohol Alcohol advertising is regulated by article 21 of Federal Law # 38-FZ “On Advertising” of March 13, 2006. Alcoholic beverages are the liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent, produced from the food and (or) food products that contain alcohol with the content of alcohol more than 1.5% of the volume of the ready product. Alcoholic beverages are divided on potable ethanol, strong drinks (including vodka), wine (including natural wine). Advertising of alcoholic beverages shall not: 1)    contain the affirmation that usage of alcoholic beverages is very important for getting public recognition, professional, sport and personal success or that it enhances physical and emotional condition; 2)    criticize withdrawal from alcohol; 3)    contain the confirmation that alcohol is harmless or useful for the human health; 4)    contain mentioning that drinking alcohol is one of the ways of allaying thirst; 5)    address to the minors 6)    use the images of the minors. Advertising of alcohol shall not be placed: 1)    On the first and last pages of the newspapers and the first and the last covers of the magazines; 2)    In printed editions, audio and video production intended for the minors. Advertising of alcoholic beverages in each case shall be followed by the warning about the harm of its abuse , and its warning shall be placed on not less than 10% of advertising space. Alcoholic beverages are the subject of compulsory confirmation of conformity, for this purpose they require duly verified certificate. Following types of activities related to production and distribution of ethyl alcohol, alcohol and spirituous excluding purchase of ethyl alcohol, alcohol and spirituous beverages (for the purpose of usage them as the raw material or auxiliary material for the production alcohol, alcohol-containing or other production or in technical and other purposes that are not related to the manufacture of this production are the subject to licensing: Production, storage and supply of ethyl alcohol including denaturated alcohol; production, storage and supply of manufactured alcohol and alcohol containing food production; storage of ethyl alcohol; purchase, storage and supply of alcohol containing nonedible products; retail sales of alcohol production. Advertising related to this business shall be followed by duly certified copy of license submitted by the advertiser. Тема:

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